About Yetii

Yetii Ltd. is a limited company based in the UK, currently run by a single person, Joseph Duffy. We sometimes enlist the help of others, often when design work is required. Full credit is provided when external people help make a project possible.

Yetii's Goal

Yetii was created to provide a professional and unified place to release software. Although the main aim of Yetii is to create iOS apps, we will likely create smaller projects for other platforms, such as the web and desktop.

Open-Source Software

Yetii believes that one the best ways to help the world of software improve is to release the source code of various aspects of projects. Releasing the source code of software allows developers new to a platform, or developing in general, to learn from and contribute to smaller parts of a project. It can also help more experienced developers use the code in their projects, hopefully saving them time and providing a better user experience. Yetii's open-source projects can be found on Yetii's GitHub page.