Apps By Yetii

Word Art

Word Art allows you to easily create custom text to send to your friends and family via the Messages app. Stick a customised "WOW!" sticker on top of an amazing photo, or block out part of a message using a giant "💩" emoji, it's all up to you.


Gathered is an app to help you monitor, record, and export information from your iOS device. If you've ever wondered what sensors your device possesses, what information can be determined from them, or what an app can know about your device, then Gathered is for you. Gathered offers a fast and simple interface to monitor, record, and export all of the data your device offers.


Scanula is a clean, modern, and fast QR, data matrix, and barcode scanner.

Four Squares

Four Squares for iOS and Apple Watch is a take on an classic electronic memory game. Four Squares stays true to the original, while adding a modern feel and feature set to the game. It supports the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.