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About Gathered

Gathered is an app to help you monitor, record, and export information from your iOS device. If you've ever wondered what sensors your device possesses, what information can be determined from them, or what an app can know about your device, then Gathered is for you. Gathered offers a fast and simple interface to monitor, record, and export all of the data your device offers.


Gathered's Features

  • Monitor data sources in real-time
  • Record the data from every data source and view, save, and share the recorded data
    • Export via Document Picker (iOS 8+)
    • Share via standard Share Sheet
    • Copy recorded data off device using iTunes File Sharing
  • View details of previous recordings
  • Control over which data sources are being shown or recorded
  • Adjustable update frequency
  • Portrait and landscape support
  • Over 20 data sources:
    • GPS
    • Microphone
    • Apple Watch
      • Heart Rate
      • Accelerometer
    • Cell Radio
    • WiFi
    • Storage
    • Memory (RAM)
    • Bluetooth
    • Battery
    • Gyrometer
    • The screen
    • The device itself
    • Barometer (altitude and pressure)
    • Accelerometer
    • Magnetometer (compass)
    • Proximity