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There's no denying it: QR codes aren't going away any time soon. However, scanning one is a pain, and viewing detailed information about the scanned object is often not possible. This is where Scanula comes in. Scanula is a clean, modern, and fast QR, data matrix, and barcode scanner. There are 3 ways of detecting a QR code:

  • Use the Scan tab and point the device‚Äôs camera at a QR code
  • Use the Scan tab and tap the photos icon in the top right and pick a photo from your photo library
  • Use the share sheet with a URL, webpage, or image, and choose the "Scan for QR Codes" action

When using the camera the application will also detect barcodes, data matrixes, and many other scannable codes. Scan results show detailed information about the scanned object, and is customised for various types of scanned content, such as showing a scanned location on a map, getting the balance of a bitcoin address, or viewing the details of a contact card.

All information can be easily shared via the built-in share sheet, or via generating a QR code allow others to scan it themselves. If your device supports handoff, you won't even have to use the share sheet to send URLs to your Mac.

Scanula also makes it easy to find, share, and view previous scan results from the History tab, which displays scan results in reverse scan-date order, and can be easily filtered by type of object scanned.

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Scanula's Features

  • Scan QR codes via:
    • The camera
    • Saved images
    • Any shareable URL or image, including in Safari - Scan a webpage for QR codes
  • Scan and detect over 10 different object types, including:
    • URLs
    • Bitcoin Addresses
    • Locations
    • Contact Cards
    • Calendar Events
    • Barcodes
    • WiFi Access Points
  • Share scanned objects using the built-in share sheet
  • Quickly scan using the camera, or via a saved photo or screenshot, directly from the home screen using Quick Actions via 3D Touch
  • Handoff Support - Scan a URL on your iOS device and load the URL on your Mac