Scanula Press Kit

What is Scanula?

Scanula is a QR scanner for iOS. While there are a lots of other QR scanners out there, Scanula is unique because it takes advantage of modern iOS features, can understand more scanned objects than other apps, and features an action extension to scan QR codes from images and websites within other apps.

Scanula's Story

The idea that sparked the creation of Scanula was the thought that it should be possible to detect QR codes in an image without having to ues a QR scanner on another device. Once the action extension was created, it made sense to create a full iOS app.

While the action extension is still available, the full iOS app is very advanced, and even has the ability to scan saved images without leaving the app.

Scanula's Features

Pricing and Availability

Scanula is available worldwide from the App Store for $3.99. During the first week of launch (4th April 2016 - 11th April 2016) there will be a half price sale, reducing the price to $1.99. There are zero in-app purchases. Review copies are available upon request, which should be requested via the contact form.

About the Creator

Scanula is created by Yetii, a one-man company based in the UK. The developer, Joseph Duffy, creates iOS apps in his own time and released them under the Yetii brand.

Promotional Material

Numerous promotional images have been provdided for Scanula. Click the images for full resolution.

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Example QR Codes

Reviewing Scanula is slightly trickier than many iOS apps due to the nature of its use meaning that it doesn't see a huge amount of on-screen time. Due to this, some example codes are available at